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Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G mATX AM2+ PCI-EX SATA RAID Video Sound GLAN 1394 HDMI Motherboard

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Shipping Weight: 5 lbs

SKU #: (11830BD0286)

Mft. Part #: GA-MA78GM-S2H

HardwareWiki.org Info
The GA-MA78GM-S2H is GIGABYTE’s next generation, high performance platform based on the new AMD 780G Chipset and support for the new AMD Phenom™ quad-core processors, with the latest AM2+ platform support, integrated DDR2 1066 memory controller, HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology links and 128-bit Floating Point Units. In addition, GA-MA78GM-S2H features with two innovative S features- Safe, Smart technologies, further providing reliable and user friendly computing and reaching the maximum system performance easily via personalized software settings. GIGABYTE S series motherboards, the champion’s choice for AMD AM2+ platform!
 Solid Capacitor for CPU VRM
Stable system operation depends upon the quality of CPU VRM (voltage regulator module). GIGABYTE adopts Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors for CPU VRM to ensure a longer lifespan for systems in daily operation and boost system stability under extreme conditions. CPU VRM with Solid Capacitors featuring better electronic conductivity, excellent heat resistance enhances system durability even operating in high temperature environment.
 AMD OverDrive Support
The AMD OverDrive™ utility provides high-end users the ability to maximize the capability, flexibility, and adjustability of the platforms utilizing AMD processors, sockets, and chipsets.Please click here to download.
 AMD Live Ready
AMD Live Ready Requirement compliant.
 Windows Vista Premium Logo Certified
Windows Vista Premium promises to deliver a streamlined computing experience designed to fundamentally change how users view, find and organize their digital information. With GIGABYTE AM2+/ AM2 solutions enabling support for Vista Premium, GIGABYTE offers a fresh and unique desktop experience that will be more informative, intuitive and completely new..
 AMD Phenom™ processors
The leading-edge performance and unparallel technology of AMD AM2+ Phenom™ processors have built its strength on the well-known AMD64 framework which consisted next generation of HyperTransport 3.0 Technology, and integrated DDR2 1066 memory controller, and 128-bit Floating Point Units. The AMD Phenom™ processors are an ideal choice for multi-media enthusiasts and intensive multi-tasking environments to offer significant performance boosts and provides an overall more energy efficient platform.
 AMD 780G Chipset
The AMD 780G Chipset is the system logic of the latest AM2+ (HyperTransport 3.0) platform from AMD that enables its next generation Phenom™ processors. The AMD 780G chipset integrated ATI Radeon™ HD 3200-based graphics architecture. This unique combination of Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) creates a single motherboard featuring a world-class DX10, Shader Model 4.0 graphics, ATI Avivo™ Technology, and brand-new ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology and AMD UVD (Unified Video Decoder) Technology for faster and smoother game-play, a high quality video processing engine for advance quality of video and DVD playback.
 World No.1 Onboard Graphics Performance- 3DMark 2006 1500 marks!!
The 3DMark 2006 is a benchmark software which is from Futuremark Corporation and generally used on analyzing a PC performance of DirectX® 3D visualization, especially a valuable guideline for gaming users as reference.
  • Hardware equipment required: [CPU] AMD Phenom 9600(2.2GHz), [Memory] DDR2 800(2GB), [OS] Windows Vista 32-bit.
  • Software equipment required: [Benchmark] 3DMark 2006, [Resolution] 1280x1024x32 (no AA, no AF, 32bpp).
 ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology support
Experience the advanced ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology, which is including ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™, ATI SurroundView™, and ATI PowerPlay™. With combination of onboard GPU and a single VGA card’s GPU*, ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ can bring remarkable display performance on AMD platform, and also further to increase your overall system value. ATI SurroundView™ allows 4 or more monitors support at once and also ATI PowerPlay™ enables power saving profiles to help reduce power consumption and further resulting in reduced system temperatures and fan noise.
* Please use ATI Hybrid Graphics technology certified VGA card (i.e., ATI Radeon HD 2400, 3400 series).
 Dual Channel DDR2 1066* MHz
Experience the advanced technology of DDR2 1066* memory, featuring faster speeds and higher data bandwidth, which delivers superior performance for the most demanding applications.
* Whether 1066 MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used, please refer “Memory Support List” for memory support information.
 PCI-E 2.0 Graphics Interface
PCI-E 2.0 doubles the bus standard's bandwidth from 2.5 Gbit/s to 5 Gbit/s, meaning a x32 connector can transfer data at up to 16 GB/s in each direction. PCI-E 2.0 also features improvements to the point-to-point data transfer protocol and its software architecture.
 HDMI Interface
HDMI is latest High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is able to provide up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and also 8-channel high quality audio. Via transmitting uncompressed digital data, HDMI is able to reduce signal interference as transferring between digital and analog signal, seen and heard, direct from the source. In addition, HDMI is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), which allowing playback of Blu-ray/ HD DVD and other protected contents.
  ALC889A with DTS Connect Enables a Superior Audio Experience

Excellent Audio Performance
High-performance DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) with 106 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio playback quality, designed especially for Windows Vista Premium PCs.

Blu-ray/HD DVD Full Rate Audio Support
The ALC889A enables high quality Full Rate Lossless Audio for content protected media and support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats for an exhilarating home theater entertainment experience.

7.1+2 Channel High Definition Output
The ALC889A provides support for 7.1 sound playback, plus 2 channels of independent stereo output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs.
 Gigabit LAN connectivity
The Gigabit network interface delivers a high speed LAN connection with data transfer rate up to 1000Mb/s, providing new generation connectivity for the broadband era. Gigabit LAN is ideally for seamless internet connection such as streaming audio and video contents.
 SATA 3Gb/s & RAID
This platform supports reliable storage solution for enhanced data protection and data accessing performance. Serial ATA 3Gb/s is firstly introduced in this platform to provide blazingly 3Gb/s bus bandwidth thus higher disk performance. The SATA RAID allows multi-disk designs to be set up as RAID 0, 1, 0+1 based on users’ priority of protection/ performance, and which even makes more accessible by introducing the innovative windows-based facility.
 IEEE1394 motherboard
This motherboard with IEEE1394 FireWire interface from Texas Instruments (TI). With the transfer speed up to 400Mb/s, the new generation IEEE1394 interface further enhances PC connectivity with consumer electronics audio/video (A/V) appliances, and storage peripherals.
The Smart featured motherboards of GIGABYTE S series provide GIGABYTE proprietary innovative software such as Download Center, @BIOS, Q-Flash, Xpress Install, Boot menu, and Smart Fan. BIOS and driver management now becomes much easier and user friendly through GIGABYTE Smart features!..
Safe is the key feature of GIGABYTE S series motherboards with the following elements: Excellent hardware design, reinforced BIOS protection through GIGABYTE Virtual Dual BIOS Technology and GIGABYTE BIOS Setting Recovery Technology. Unique system software such as Xpress Recovery 2, PC Health Monitor, HDD S.M.A.R.T., and C.O.M. further strengthen the stability and reliability of your PC!...

* The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.
* All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective holders.
* Due to standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount.

Additional Information   


  • North Bridge: AMD 780G
  • South Bridge: AMD SB700

    Hardware Monitoring:

  • System voltage detection:
    • System temperature detection
    • System fan speed detection
    • CPU overheating warning
    • System fan fail warning
    • System fan speed control


  • 1 x 8 Mbit flash
  • Use of licensed AWARD BIOS
  • PnP 1.0a
  • DMI 2.0
  • SM BIOS 2.4
  • ACPI 1.0b

    Unique Features:

  • Support for @BIOS
  • Support for Download Center
  • Support for Q-Flash
  • Support for EasyTune (Note 5)
  • Support for Xpress Install
  • Support for Xpress Recovery2
  • Support for Virtual Dual BIOS

  • Audio Channels    7.1
    Audio Line In    Yes
    Audio Line Out    Yes
    Brand Name    Gigabyte
    Chipset Manufacturer    AMD
    Chipset Model    780G
    Controller Type    Floppy Controller
    Serial ATA/300
    Ultra ATA/133 (ATA-7)
    Depth    9.6"
    DVI    Yes
    Form Factor    Micro ATX
    Gigabit Ethernet    Yes
    Green Compliance Certificate/Authority    RoHS
    Green Compliant    Yes
    HDMI    Yes
    HyperTransport Speed    5200 MHz
    2000 MHz
    Manufacturer    GIGABYTE Technology, Inc
    Manufacturer Part Number    GA-MA78GM-S2H
    Manufacturer Website Address    www.giga-byte.com
    Marketing Information   

    The S-series GA-MA78GM-S2H Desktop Board is GIGABYTE's next generation, high performance platform based on the new AMD 780G Chipset and support for the new AMD Phenom quad-core processors, with the latest AM2+ platform support, integrated DDR2 1066 memory controller, HyperTransport 3.0 technology links and 128-bit Floating Point Units. In addition, GA-MA78GM-S2H features with two innovative S features- Safe, Smart technologies, further providing reliable and user friendly computing and reaching the maximum system performance easily via personalized software settings. GIGABYTE S series motherboards, the champion's choice for AMD AM2+ platform!

    Maximum Memory    16 GB
    Memory Standard    DDR2-800/PC2-6400
    Memory Technology    DDR2 SDRAM
    Microphone Port    Yes
    Network (RJ-45)    Yes
    Number of DVI Outputs    1
    Number of FireWire/i.LINK 400 Ports    1
    Number of HDMI Outputs    1
    Number of IDE Interfaces    1
    Number of Memory Slots    4
    Number of PCI Express x1 Slots    1
    Number of PCI Express x16 Slots    1
    Number of PCI Slots    2
    Number of S/PDIF In Ports    1
    Number of S/PDIF Out Ports    2
    Number of SATA Interfaces    5
    Number of Total Expansion Slots    4
    Number of USB 2.0 Ports    4
    Onboard Audio Header    Yes
    Onboard LEDs Header    Yes
    Onboard S/PDIF Header    Yes
    Processor Socket    Socket AM2+ PGA-940
    Processor Supported    Phenom
    Athlon 64 FX
    Athlon X2
    Athlon 64 X2
    Athlon 64
    Processor Technology    Cool'n'Quiet Technology
    Product Model    GA-MA78GM-S2H
    Product Name    S-series GA-MA78GM-S2H Desktop Motherboard
    Product Series    S
    Product Type    Desktop Motherboard
    S/PDIF    Yes
    Sound Controller Manufacturer    Realtek
    Sound Controller Model    ALC889A
    Total Number of FireWire/i.LINK Ports    1
    Total Number of Onboard FireWire/i.LINK Ports    1
    Total Number of Onboard USB Ports    4
    Total Number of PCI Express Slots    2
    Total Number of USB Ports    4
    Total Processor Supported    1
    VGA    Yes
    Width    9.6"
    Customer Reviews

    Reviewed by TN2010025342 at @ 04:48 PM Jul 23, 2008

    No problem except for the fact there are 5 sata connection yet only 2 cables were provided.

    Reviewed by firewing1 at @ 01:09 PM Jun 27, 2008

    Great board, will buy again. The 780G chipset has great power management features and for an IGP, good graphics too. AM2+ leaves you with room for upgrade in the future and 5 SATA ports (with RAID) lets you connect many disks!

    Reviewed by GM2010029395 at @ 10:44 PM Mar 27, 2008

    This is an excellent board. The integrated graphics amazed me! I could play Call of Duty 4 on medium settings (No AA / AF, 1280x1024) at 20-40fps. This is definitely one of the best motherboards for the price (under $90). If you're looking for a budget AMD machine that has decent HD video playback and graphics, this is DEFINITELY the motherboard for you. I recommend buying a hd3450 or 3470 Graphics Card to Hybrid Crossfire with the integrated card if you are going to be playing any sort of games (the 3470 is only $73 atm, and provides a huge increase in performance)

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