> > > 4GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM 1.35V for Acer ASUS Apple Dell HP Len Toshiba (32421128522)

4GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM 1.35V for Acer ASUS Apple Dell HP Len Toshiba

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SKU #:(32421128522)

Mft. Part #: KCP3L16SS8/4

Brand Name    Kingston
Manufacturer    Kingston Technology Company
Manufacturer Part Number    KCP3L16SS8/4
Manufacturer Website Address    http://www.kingston.com
Marketing Information   

Kingston memory is designed, manufactured and rigorously tested to meet the exact specifications of each brand name system. It's guaranteed to be compatible and backed by a lifetime warranty and legendary Kingston reliability.

Product Name    4GB Module - DDR3L 1600MHz
Product Type    RAM Module
  • Acer - Aspire All-in-One Z3 Series AZ3-600-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire All-in-One Z3 Series AZ3-605-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E3-111-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E3-112M-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-411-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-421-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-471-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-471G-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-471P-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-472G
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-473xx-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-511-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-511G
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-511P-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-521-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-551-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-551G-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-571-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-571G-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-571P-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-572G
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-573x-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-574G-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-721-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-771/G-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series E5-772G
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-111M-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-111x-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-131-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-311-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-411-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-431-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-511-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-512-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-520-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-531-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E Series ES1-711-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire E1-410 Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-422 Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-430/430P Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-432 Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-470 Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-472 Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-472G Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-472P Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-4x2 Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-4x2G Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-510/P Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-522-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire E1-5x2/G Series
  • Acer - Aspire E1-7x2/G Series
  • Acer - Aspire E3-111 (E11) Series
  • Acer - Aspire F Series F5-571
  • Acer - Aspire R 11 Series R3-131T-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire R 14 Series R3-471TG
  • Acer - Aspire R 14 Series R3-471xxx
  • Acer - Aspire R7 Series R7-572/G
  • Acer - Aspire TC-601
  • Acer - Aspire U5 Series AU5-620
  • Acer - Aspire V 13 Series
  • Acer - Aspire V Nitro VN7-xx1G (DDR3L)
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-111P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-112P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-331-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-371-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-472P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-572G-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-572P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-572PG-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-575G
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-575T
  • Acer - Aspire V3 Series V3-772G-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-121-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-122P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-123-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-132P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-473Px
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-552P-xxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-561xxx Series
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-572P-xxxx
  • Acer - Aspire V5 Series V5-573xx
  • Acer - Aspire V7 Series V7-482xx
  • Acer - Aspire V7 Series V7-582xx
  • Acer - Aspire X Series AXC-603-xxx


Form Factor    SoDIMM
Number of Pins    204-pin
Device Supported    Notebook
Memory Size    4 GB
Memory Speed    1600 MHz
Memory Technology    DDR3L SDRAM

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